Bold Basil Pesto Tagliatelle

Basil Pesto Tagliatelle with Ricotta & Pine Kernels, topped with Fresh Basil


Tagliatelle, beautiful pasta ribbons traditionally made by rolling out the dough into fairly thin sheets and cutting (tagliare in Italian) ribbons from them by hand. In Italy it is common to make it frequently at home or buy it fresh as opposed to dried ‘nests’ of tagliatelle. The porous nature of tagliatelle makes it perfect for thicker sauces as it soaks it all up wonderfully, making for a smoother more flavoursome eating experience with every bite.


Diforti have created a classic Italian Tagliatelle dish with delicious Basil Pesto, Ricotta & Pine Kernels topped with fresh Basil. A simple recipe that is straightforward to produce but still delivers on taste and with simple ingredients! Don’t forget the beauty of cooking it yourself is you can get creative and create your own masterpiece by improvising or adding new ingredients.





10 Mins




STEP ONE: Fill a large pot with water and bring to boil. Once boiling add one large spoonful of salt to the water and one tablespoon of olive oil and carefully add the tagliatelle. The salt will increase the boiling point of the water and adds flavour, adding the oil will help avoid the tagliatelle sticking. (You can use this method for cooking any type of pasta and is very common practice within Italy.) Allow it to settle slightly and stir into the water until covered. Then leave to simmer away in the background for 6 mins.

STEP TWO: Place another pan on heat and add the ricotta and basil pesto. Stir until mixed. Then skim a large spoonful of water off the top of the tagliatelle and add to the ricotta and basil pesto sauce. (This is another cooking method commonly used by Italians to make the sauce more creamy.) Keep this sauce on a low heat as you only need to warm it for mixing later.



STEP THREE: Drain the tagliatelle once cooked and spoon into the pan of basil pesto sauce. Stir through well and add a handful of pine nuts/kernels and fresh basil. Then grate a generous helping of Parmesan over the top to stir in all together. Leave to warm on a low heat for another 1 min and get the plates ready for dishing up!



STEP FOUR: Spoon equal helpings of the tagliatelle onto the plate. A good trick to create a more refined dish is to use a spoon to twist the tagliatelle onto the spoon and place onto the centre of the plate. You can also use tongs to grab the tagliatelle and place onto the plate with a twist of the wrist to create a tidy mountain of tagliatelle to garnish.

STEP FIVE: Last step is to garnish as you please! We recommend pine nuts/kernels, fresh basil and a swish of olive oil around the plate to finish.



Once plated, grab a seat and enjoy while it’s hot. Perfectly satisfying and creamy dish to enjoy as a meal with friends and family and really easy to put together too! Make sure to share your creations with us on our Instagram @difortis as we would love to see what you have made!



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