Creative Canapé Ideas #2

Getting creative for a gathering, party, season or even simply as a tasty snack can be a therapeutic outlet for a lot of people, allowing the creator to be artistic with presentation or try something new with their cooking style or technique. Every Canapé will be different because it’s made by hand and that is what makes them so wonderful and unique. Seeing finished Canapés being enjoyed by guests gives you a sense of great achievement and even better when they snap photos of them too! So here at Diforti we have put together some more Creative Canapé Ideas for whatever occasion for you to create at home with ease. Make sure you share any of your creations by tagging us on social media @difortis

~ Baked Garlic & Chive Ricotta w/Crostini ~

Our first recipe is a wonderful creamy Baked Ricotta with the addition of garlic and chives. Mix the Ricotta with 2 minced garlic cloves, chopped chives, salt & pepper and place into an oven proof dish and top with a dash of Olive Oil. Try using our Extra Virgin Olive Oil for something classic or for an extra touch try our Chilli or Garlic Olive Oils.

Bake for 15-20 MINS on 190-200c, Gas mark 5-6. Enjoy with our crunchy Crostini bread, Focaccia Strips or Grissini Bread Sticks!

~ Seasonal Fig Canapé Ideas ~

Figs are great seasonal ingredients, perfect for Autumn and are best eaten during August-October. They can be put into a variety of dishes and cooked in many ways too including grilled, baked, roasted, caramelized or eaten fresh. The best way to enjoy them the Italian way, is to pair with a cured meat and fresh cheese among friends!

Diforti have created a few of our favourites to share with everyone so find your perfect combination below or create your own masterpiece!

~ Prosciutto Crudo, Mozzarella w/Crostini, Rocket & Sea Salt Crystals ~

~ Bontaleggio Cheese & Crostini topped w/ Rocket ~


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