Creative Canapé Ideas


Canapé, hors d’oeuvre, appetizer, finger food…there are many names for small bitesize finger foods, but whatever you call them, they are designed to satisfy your peckish appetite with one mouthful.

These compact morsels are a perfect option for social gatherings whether that’s for a high-end party or just a little get-together amongst family as they are simple to put together, pleasing to look at and above all a little pocket of tasty for all to get their fingers on. The best part of creating your own canapes is that you don’t need to complicate things either, simple is almost always best.



5 minutes


  1. Focaccia Strips (Black Truffle Focaccia)
  2. Various Tapenade (Black Olive, Chilli & Green Olive)
  3. Fresh Burrata
  4. Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes
  5. Handful of fresh Basil (garnish)



Why not try putting together these delicious focaccia strips, tapenade & burrata bites topped with semi-dried cherry tomatoes! Cater for everyone’s taste by alternating the tapenade you use as well or even swap out the type of focaccia strips you pick for your base. For our recipe we have used our Black Truffle focaccia paired with our Black Olive, Chilli & Green Olive Tapenade.



Start by cutting your chosen focaccia strips into uniform squares. Then grab the tapenade and apply a generous dollop onto the square of focaccia. Try having a few different toppings to vary your nibbles. Then chop the burrata and scoop a small amount on top of the tapenade, be aware this part can be a little messy! Then your final touch is to crown with a juicy semi-dried cherry tomato and ECCOLO! Your canapes are ready to be garnished with some basil and presented in whichever way best suits your theme. All set to be enjoyed by your friends and family! With all the right ingredients it really is a straightforward process to create your very own canapes!


Don’t be afraid to get creative and change up some of the ingredients used or try something fancy with your presentation. Tag us @difortis on Instagram to show us your creations! And watch this space for more creative canapé ideas in the future!



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