Easy Italian Meals for Effortless Entertaining

At Diforti, we believe that entertaining guests doesn’t have to be an ordeal. From fresh pasta and pesto with lashings of Italian olive oil, to simple yet delicious bruschetta which will have your guests in raptures, these easy Italian meals speak for themselves and make entertaining a breeze.

Pasta & Pesto

All too often people overdo pasta dishes, drowning them in thick sauces swimming in competing flavours. Diforti’s range of pesto sauces complement fresh pasta perfectly, adding touches of basil or sundried tomato to your meal, along with hints of matured Grana Padano cheese. We even have vegetarian versions to cater to different culinary needs without sacrificing flavour. Add a liberal helping of extra virgin Italian olive oil, garnish with some cherry tomatoes and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and you’ve got a delicious pasta dish with minimum hassle.


Bruschetta may sound like a simple option, but there are many ways to make sure it’s packed full of flavour. Brush olive oil on your sourdough bread before chargrilling it—olive oil is one of the fundamental cornerstones of Italian cooking, and it adds richness to bruschetta, no matter what you choose to top it with. We sell only the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, infusing some varieties with everything from white truffle to basil. These flavour infusions add complexity to your dishes and truly take bruschetta to the next level. Add tomatoes, chargrilled peppers, mozzarella and even a few anchovy fillets if you’re looking to change it up. Whether you serve it as antipasto before dinner or as a light summer snack, bruschetta is a classic Italian dish that’s perfect for any occasion.

Italian Cheeseboard

Italy has some of the best cheeses in the world—what better way for you and your guests to sample as many as possible than by putting together the perfect cheese board? A good rule of thumb is to choose one of each type of cheese: cow’s milk, buffalo milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk. This will ensure you have a wide range of flavours and textures. From the fruity, nutty flavour of a 24-month matured Parmigiano Reggiano to the softer, more subtle taste of a Mozzarella di Bufala, you want to make sure your cheeseboard has something for everyone. With the right range of Italian cheeses and some crackers and nibbles to go with them, it’s almost impossible to go wrong.


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