How Pasta Became an Italian Staple

When you think of pasta, you think of beautiful Italy right? And here at Diforti, we provide you with the freshest ingredients to make authentic Italian food for every occasion. But how did pasta become an Italian staple?

Pasta is made up of very simple components, durum wheat, water or eggs. And since the traditional spaghetti has become a household favourite across the globe, there’s now over 200 variations in all different shapes and sizes. From tubes to twisted spirals, there’s a whole world of pasta just waiting to be explored. Here at Diforti we have a selection on offer from Mancini Fusilli to the Rummo Organic Wholemeal Penne Rigate.

The Origins of Pasta

Whilst we associate pasta with Italy, pasta is said to be a descendant of ancient Asian noodles, which seems accurate when spaghetti has the same shape as noodles. A common belief is that Marco Polo brought it from China to Italy through an introduction of a certain plant that produced flour.

There are Italian writers who argue that a tomb from the fourth century B.C contained pasta making equipment, suggesting pasta was enjoyed in Pre-Roman Italy.

Since then, pasta has become a popular dish both in real life and on film. A fine example of this would be Disney’s Lady and the Tramp where the humble spaghetti and meatballs play a memorable role in this iconic love story. Why not try re-creating the scene using our Rummo Gluten-Free Spaghetti and Smoked Pancetta Cubes lavished in our Grilled Pepper Pesto.

The Process of Making Pasta

Our Italian deli online sells an array of pasta that has been lovingly prepared and we pride ourselves on family tradition. The process of making pasta is a simple one but it’s the cutting aspect that has lead to the dizzying selection of pasta that’s now available.

Back in the 14th century, the ingredients for pasta would be mixed together, kneaded and then hung out to dry on a rack. Today, the recipe is pretty much the same but we now have tools that make cutting pasta a little easier.

Some pasta is made fresh and cooked instantly, whilst others are dried out to be sold to the masses. The drying out process means that pasta can remain a staple in the household cupboard for a couple of years whereas fresh pasta can go off within days.

For Richer, For Poorer

Although pasta is a common party food, enjoyed by many, it wasn’t always that way. The rich were once the only ones who got the luxury of pasta as it was considered a dish only for the wealthy and wasn’t part of the common diet until the 17th century. From the 17th century is when it became a main staple, possibly due to the deterioration of people’s standards of living at the time and that pasta was a cheaper option than meat.

A great dish to serve at a party or function would be Gnocchi which partners up well with our Stuffed Squid. Try something a little different and finish it off with our scrumptious Artichoke Cream.

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food, enjoyed across the globe. If your cupboard is looking a little bare, why not stock up with us? Buy Italian food online here at Diforti.



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