Italian-Inspired Fall Cocktails to Keep You Celebrating All Autumn Long

Take one sip of a bittersweet, bubbly Aperol Spritz or an effervescent and peachy Bellini and you’ll understand why Italian cocktails are synonymous with summertime: their fruity, refreshing flavours are perfectly suited to soaking up the sun with a drink in hand. However, limiting your intake of Italian cocktails to the summer season would be to miss out on some of autumn’s most deliciously warming drinks. Here, Diforti explain how to put an Italian twist on cocktails this autumn, from buzzy espresso-based beverages to spiced red wine. Get your party food ready – happy hour has arrived!

Caffè Corretto

This quintessentially Italian drink is comprised of a shot of espresso spiked with a bit of booze like sambuca or grappa. It’s ideal for waking up the senses and warming up the body – equally as good for an autumnal brunch beverage as it is for a post-dinner drink. The classic Italian approach to caffè corretto is all about simplicity, but if you’d like to take a more complex approach, try this playful caffè corretto recipe, which calls for chilled espresso fortified with espresso liqueur, Fernet-Branca and simple syrup for sweetness.

The Godfather

The almond-kissed flavour of amaretto is used in everything from tiramisu to chicken, but we’re partial to cocktails made with the liqueur. One of our favourites is The Godfather, a potent mix of whiskey and amaretto. Not a whiskey fan? Swap it for cognac to make a French Connection, vodka to make a Godmother or cream to make a Godchild. When someone hands you a cocktail made with amaretto, you know it’s an offer you can’t refuse.

Hot Apple Pie Cocktail

If you’ve been outside in the chilly autumn air, there’s nothing like a Hot Apple Pie cocktail to bring you back in from the cold. This quick and easy drink is made with Tuaca, a citrusy, brandy-based liqueur, and hot apple cider. Though the cocktail’s preparation is straightforward, you can garnish it with a dollop of whipped cream and a cinnamon stick to transform it into a decadent treat.

Spiced Red Wine

Authentic Italian food practically begs to be enjoyed with a glass of red wine, but during the colder months, we like to take things a step further by whipping up a batch of this spiced wine to sip while nibbling our antipasti platters and bowls of pasta. This recipe holds a special place in our hearts because of its effortlessness: it calls for spices you’ve probably got in your pantry, and you can order a bottle of red wine through our Italian deli online to save yourself from venturing out to an Italian delicatessen in London. Simply bring an Italian red wine to a boil with some sugar, cloves, lemons and cinnamon, and you’ve got yourself a fun and festive big-batch cocktail.

Why should summer get all the credit for delicious Italian cocktails? At Diforti, we know that the rich, complex flavours of so many Italian wines, spirits, liqueurs and espressos are ideal for the colder months. Try one of these recipes for yourself – after a cheeky spiced wine or two, you’re sure to agree with us.


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