Make time for a meal with your nearest and dearest this weekend –

Make time for a meal with your nearest and dearest this weekend –

We all know what it is like to be so busy you feel like you must be multi-tasking at every point in the day. With us all being switched on and connected to work all the time, it is hard to switch off and make time for yourself. We find ourselves on our phones during dinner or even grabbing something easy whilst travelling to or from meetings; however, in Italy eating whilst walking is considered disrespectful.

We Italians think it is important to slow down, consciously enjoy your meal with friends and family and allow yourself to relax and recharge at mealtimes. The idea is that someone has spent their time and effort creating food for you to eat and enjoy, something you cannot do if you are fretting about where you need to be, or what you need to do next.

Do it like an Italian and make time for a delicious meal with your loved ones this weekend with one of our favourite quick-to-prepare recipes – Rich Sicilian Caponata and Gnocchi. Less cooking time means more time to enjoy the evening with your nearest and dearest over a glass – or two! – of Italian wine.

Rich Sicilian Caponata and Gnocchi

Caponata Jar
Olive Oil
Italian Mixed Olives
Grana Padano

Prepare the gnocchi according to the instructions on the packaging. Drain and leave on the side.
Heat the Caponata in a pan.
Once the Caponata is soft and oozing, add the black pepper and olives.
Gently mix the Caponata and gnocchi and season to taste.
Serve drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a light grating of parmesan.

We suggest selecting something from our wide range of sweet treats and pastries, such as our Salted Caramel Cannoli or Barchette with White Chocolate Cream, to serve as a sweet treat over a cup of aromatic coffee after the meal.


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