Perfecto Panini

Panini’s are well known as a quick delicious lunch time snack and are perfect for on the go as well. It’s no surprise then that they started a trend in Italian bars called Paninoteche back in the 1970’s with people looking for something simple and tasty. Even though the ‘Panino’ (Italian word meaning Little bread, better translated as a roll in English) was around before this, it didn’t start to become popular and more well-known until the Americans adopted and evolved the Panini into their own form of sandwich thus creating more of what we see today.


In Italy there are various types of Panino to choose from including Ciabatta, Rosette (named for their rose shape and originates in Rome) or Tartaruga rolls (named for their tortoise shell appearance, found all over Italy and is hollow for the ultimate filling) and there is no butter involved! Simply garnish with Olive Oil and fill with your ideal ingredients for toasting. Typically, Italians prefer something simple and so it is common to pair a meat with a cheese and lightly toast. To add extra flavour garnish with Oregano or Sea Salt crystals.


Find our family favourites below!


Mortadella & Ricotta

Products: Mortadella 80g, Ricotta 250g


Speck & Gorgonzola

Products: Speck 80g, Gorgonzola 200g


Prosciutto Crudo & Mozzarella

Products: Prosciutto Crudo 100g, Mozzarella 125g


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