Italian Adras Vodka 70cl


Product classification: Distillate obtained from grain.

Product origin: Sardinia, Italy.

Ingredients: Alcohol of cereals, water.

Production Method: Slow Craft Distillation with discontinuous method, by steam boiler and alambic in

copper. Every single distillation takes about 9 hours and comes repeated three times to get a more neutral product possible.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Color: clear, transparent and crystalline

Odor: Almost neutral, with slight resinous and reddish notes cereals

Flavor: Dry, firm, oily, round and velvety.

Certifications: IFS Food, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Alcohol: 40 °

Bottle Capacity: 70 Cl.

Closure: Natural cork with plastic head.


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