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SOLO Wild GIN 40% Vol Exclusively obtained from handpicked berries by wild Juniper trees, born spontaneously in front of sea all around the island: without botany added, that make this Gin unique for fresh aromas and taste.

Product Classification: Distillate obtained from alcohol infusions of wild cereal and berries.

Product origin: Sardinia, Italy.

Ingredients: Wild berry juniper berries (Juniperus Communis), alcohol, water.

Method of production: Infusion of wild juniper berries Sardinian for 30 days in cereal alcohol. Next Distillation slow craft with discontinuous method for about 10 hours, through steam boiler and copper ore.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Color: Clear, transparent, crystalline.

Odor: Characteristic of juniper berries, resin, citrus fruits and sensational hints of Mediterranean scrub.

Flavor: It is the highest expression of Gin: oily, persistent, delicate and soft. In it it identifies the strength of the nature of Sardinia.

Certifications: IFS Food, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Alcohol: 40 °

Bottle Capacity: 7O Cl.

Closure: Natural cork with plastic head.

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