VII Seven Hills Italian Dry Gin 75cl


VII Hills Italian Dry Gin is an aromatic and fruity juniper spirit with a delicate and citrusy flavour on the nose. On the palate sweet pomegranate notes with hints of Roman camomiles are perfectly balanced by fresh celery and artichoke aromas.

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VII Hills was born in 2014 with the intention to promote and take MADE IN ITALY around the world. In 2019, the brand went through a process of rebranding and refinement, evaluating its concepts and ideals. Today we are proud to announce a new era for VII Hills Italian Dry Gin.

Distilled in Moncalieri, near Turin, a very famous area for the production of Italian wines and vermouths, in the historic distillery of Torino Distillati, VII Hills Gin uses simple botanicals that represent all the character of our territory.

Dating back to the Roman Empire, each of the 7 ingredients were commonly used as part of cooking ingredients and for medical purposes. The greatest Empire of all time had an innovative, culinary, medical and social culture that influenced the old and modern world, which still today are the pillars of our society. VII Hills brand is based on these unique pillars, which create their identity and they identify them in 7 virtues; Conviviality, Heritage, Traditions, Style, History, Territory & Quality.


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