Greco Di Tufo Pietra Rosa DOCG 75cl


Name: Greco di Tufo DOCG

Varietal:  Greco di Tufo 100%

Ground : Medium-textured soil mostly clay and limestone

Altitude :  400 mt

Density :3500 rootstocks per hectare

Breeding system:  Espalier Guyot pruning

Yield for hectare:  80 quintals

Harvesting period:  First / second week of October

Winemaking : Classical vinification of white wines in stainless steel tanks with temperature controlled fermentation

Alcohol: 13% VOL.

Color: Intense straw yellow color

Taste:  Flavour equally complex structured and well-balanced with warmth and freshness

Serving temperature :  10°C/11° C

Food pairing: Shown on top of fish, shellfish and grilled fish, is also excellent as an aperitif


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Unequaled typical wine, with aromas reminiscent of peach and bitter almond, affirmed all over the world.

It is produced in a very limited area, extremely suited to the cultivation of the vine, which includes eight municipalities, all in the province of Avellino. It is obtained from the grapes of the Greek vine, the Aminea Gemina of which the Latin Georgians speak, imported from Thessaly from the ancient Pelasgi people, before the Christian era. Cato, Varrone, Virgilio and Columella have written about this vine and its prestigious wine, which is one of the greatest expressions of the Italian wine tradition; in particular the “pink stone” is obtained from a careful selection of grapes from the Greco vine and where the production per hectare is lower. The name “pietra rosa” takes its cue from the place of production, ancient center (Fontanarosa) for the processing of stone.


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