Dolce & Gabbana Baci Lemon Bijoux 150g


Chocolates filled with hazelnuts and lemon-flavored grains with white chocolate coating and hints of vanilla. Sentences signed by Dolce & Gabbana inside each chocolate. Comes in a luxury D&G box.

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Perugina chocolate, an outstanding product stemming from the combination of tradition and creativity to taste, listen to,
see and touch. Since 1907, Perugina has been putting all its passion in chocolate with a unique and authentic taste, with the
same care as always. The establishment extends over a soft landscape of hills, sweet scenery that stimulates creativity and

Perugia and Umbria represent the heart of Italy not only from a geographical point of view. This land hands down
the pleasure of enjoying life appreciating the most authentic things, respecting tradition and innovating with creativity. With
this spirit, Luisa Spagnoli was able to transform an intuition into a great success. Choosing excellent raw materials and opting
for an exclusive processing that still makes Baci Perugina an inimitable product.




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