De Cecco Linguine 500g


Linguine is a type of long narrow pasta with a flattened section from Liguria. Great for absorbing sauces, especially those with butter or fresh tomato.

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De Cecco pasta is made with the highest quality durum wheat which is expertly hand selected and inspected even before milling. During the milling process, the grains of wheat are then ‘stripped‘ of their surface layer in order to obtain their most valuable part ‘straight from the heart.’

At their Mill in Fara San Martino, De Cecco use the pure cold mountain spring water to knead the semolina. This unique method better respects the primary material, preserving the integrity of the precious gluten network.

Shaping the pasta at De Cecco is also done traditionally using the bronze-drawing process as it’s the only way to make the pasta naturally rough, porous and able to absorb every type of sauce. Choose your pasta and partner with any of our sauces. Garnish with any of our cheeses as well to create a perfect pasta dish that is sure to satisfy every appetite.




Durum WHEAT Semolina

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy KJ 1490/Kcal 351, Fat 1.5g, of which saturated 0.3g, Carbohydrates 69g, of which sugars 3.4g, Protein 14g, Salt 0g

Dietary Information:

Gluten Free: NO, Vegan: YES, Vegetarian: YES, Organic: NO


May also contain SOYA


Store in a cool dry place.




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