Carnaroli Rice 500g


Our Carnaroli is a 100% Italian risotto rice which lends itself well to creating the perfect creamy risotto easily at home.

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Carnaroli rice has a higher starch content and firmer texture than Arborio and also has a longer grain meaning it can absorb more while cooking resulting in a creamier risotto that is simple to achieve. Grown in the Piedmont region of Italy in the province of Vercilli, this rice makes cooking the perfect risotto or rice salad easier than ever. A must have for anyone with a love of cooking and is also a great food gift idea!




Italian Carnaroli Risotto Rice

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy 1507kJ/355kcal, Fat 1.0g, of which saturates 0.3g, Carbohydrates 79g, of which sugars 0.3g, Protein 7.0g, Salt 0.05g

Dietary Information:

Gluten Free: YES, Vegan: YES, Vegetarian: YES, Organic: NO




Store in a cool dry place.




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