The Spirits of Italy and How Best to Enjoy Them

Summer is here and the team at Diforti couldn’t think of a better way celebrate than sharing their knowledge on Italy’s favourite spirits and of course all of the authentic Italian food to pair them with. So, sit back, relax, and let us educate you on all of the refreshing tipples Italy has to offer, that you can buy online at Diforti, pairings included – there’s no need to go to an Italian delicatessen, London residents even get free delivery on orders over £40.

Aperol  –  The Tonic for Active Men

Aperol originates from Padua, a city in northern Italy, where it was created by the Barbieri brothers in 1919 who thought the orange-tasting Aperol would be a great drink for active men to drink…while this trend did not catch on, the 1950’s saw the creation of the Aperol Spritz and the 2000’s saw the drinks popularity rise. Making a spritz is as easy as 1-2-3 – 3 parts prosecco (such as Le Altane Prosecco Extra Dry), 2 parts Aperol and 1 part soda water and pairs perfectly with “cicchetti”, Italian snacks consisting of tiny sandwiches, olives and small portions of local dishes.

Campari – Italy’s Classic Apertivo

Invented in 1860 by Gaspare Campari, Campari, known for its bitter taste, has become the main ingredient in many a cocktail – including the classic Negroni, Americano and the refreshing Campari spritz as well as countless other drinks. Three million cases of the spirit are sold per year around the world, with the highest-per-capita consumption surprisingly being St. Lucia. Due to the bitterness of Campari, salty foods pair best with the distinct drink. Our favourite pairing? A delicious charcuterie board, you can even buy all the ingredients for one at our Italian deli online, just put together some coppa, a few slices of Salame Piccante, Prosciutto Crudo, several varieties of cheese, grapes, olives, crackers and you’ll have quite the board to pair with your Campari cocktail of choice.

Grappa – Italy’s Healthy Water

Made from the skins, seeds and vines left over from winemaking, Grappa has been around since the middle ages and a popular spirit among Italians. Grappa is a strong drink that is meant to be sipped after a meal to act as a digestive. In Italy, it is also popularly added to espresso to create a Café Coretto, meaning a corrected coffee. As it’s meant to be served after dinner, Grappa pairs well with dessert like our handmade cannoli.

Limoncello – A Tradition in Italian Hospitality

Its past is murky as it’s uncertain when exactly the ever popular Limoncello came into existence, however, it was Massimo Canale who first trademarked the term ‘Limoncello’ in 1988 and started the mass production of this sweet liquor. Limoncello is typically served chilled as a digestive after dinner, perhaps with some Cantuccini?

We don’t know about you, but all this talk about the spirits of Italy has certainly made us thirsty. Luckily, at Diforti, we have everything you need to experience these refreshing spirits, cocktails and food pairings – we even have an Aperol Spritz Gift Set, so that you can share an apertivo with a friend. What are you waiting for? Saluti!


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