Tasty Tuna Tagliolini

Tagliolini is very similar to Tagliatelle but the difference is the ‘Taglia’ (Italian for cut.) Tagliolini are long cylindrical ribbons of pasta as opposed to the long and flat shape of Tagliatelle. It typically pairs well with a slow cooked meat sauce creating a rich Ragu or with a thicker sauce to create a creamy Carbonara. Italians often serve it with light sauces and Seafood & Vegetables are also very popular to create something fresh and simple.


Chef Diforti has cooked up a Tuna & Garlic Tagliolini featuring Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes, Capers & Parsley that is perfect for a light meal or lunch or similarly creates a delicious dish to share with friends or family. Garnish to suit your tastes and create a Tagliolini masterpiece!




6-8 MINS





STEP ONE: Fill a large pot with water and bring to boil. Add a pinch of salt and one large teaspoon of Olive Oil and add in your Tagliolini. Allow to boil for 4-6 mins until cooked.



STEP TWO: Put another pan on heat and add a generous dash of Olive Oil. Fry the garlic for 1 min and then add the other ingredients including capers, semi-dried tomatoes & finely chopped parsley. Stir together until mixed.



STEP THREE: Drain the Tagliolini being careful to save one cup of water from the pot to add into the second pan with the other ingredients. Then add the drained Tagliolini and Tuna loins in oil. Break apart the Tuna and mix well altogether.



STEP FOUR: Heat ingredients for a further 1 min and squeeze in half a lemon to finish.

STEP FIVE: Plate up and add any extra garnish including Parsley, Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes and add a drizzle of Olive Oil as a finishing touch.



Create your own and tag us @difortis to showcase your Tagliolini masterpiece!



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