Trifola d’Alba Madonna: The Ultimate Autumn Flavour

If you’ve never tasted white truffles, you may not understand all the hype surrounding them. What mushroom could be worth $320.92 per gram? However, once you’ve tried these much sought-after fungi, all will become clear. Known as the trifola d’Alba Madonna (truffle of the White Mother), white truffles have a complex flavour that’s often described as nutty, musky and deliciously funky. In the city of Alba in Italy’s Piedmont region, the home of white truffles, chefs shave the magnificent mushrooms over a variety of dishes – but you can also use their incredible flavour to spice up your home cooking. As autumn hits its stride and truffle season nears, here’s how to integrate the prized white truffle into authentic Italian food in your very own kitchen.

Make it rain truffle oil

One of the simplest ways to introduce the autumnal flavour of truffles into your meals is with truffle oil. This infused extra virgin olive oil has so many uses in the kitchen: you can pour a bit into a small dish and soak it up with some crusty artisanal bread, use it to cook light, fluffy scrambled eggs or drizzle it over pasta, pizza and risotto as a finishing touch. It’s also great in simple salad dressings like this Truffle Dressing with Herb Salad; the rich taste of truffles is beautifully complemented by the crisp freshness of leafy greens and herbs like dill, parsley and chives.

Try a truffle-infused cheese

At Diforti, one of our favourite cheeses in our Italian deli online is the aged Pecorino with truffle. To make this amazing cheese, Pecorino is first aged for a year to develop its own intense character. Then, truffle cream is injected into it and the cheese is aged for another five months to allow the flavours to meld. Aged pecorino with truffle is a great addition to every cheeseboard, but it’s also lovely grated over spaghetti carbonara, bruschetta and cacio e pepe. You may even find yourself eating it by the slice – it’s that good!

Sample truffle-flavoured cured meat

The deep flavour of truffle is an ideal match for cured meats since its earthy quality stands up to intense saltiness. Truffle mortadella and truffle salami are both brilliant examples of how truffles can take a good thing and make it even better, adding complexity to a classic cured meat platter. We also find that these cured meats are the perfect ingredients for getting creative in the kitchen. Try our truffle mortadella in this Stuffed Zucchini with Mortadella and Parmesan, or whip up a Potato, Salami and Cheese Frittata with our truffle salami. You’re about to discover a whole new world of flavour.

Truffles are an exquisite, exclusive ingredient that can be difficult to track down, but you don’t have to trawl through an Italian delicatessen in London to enjoy them. Using Diforti’s high quality truffle-infused ingredients, you can bring the truffle of the White Mother into your home any day of the week – without spending a fortune.


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