World Pasta Day – 25th October

Today marks the 21st anniversary of celebrating the wonderful creation of pasta in all it’s glory. Whatever shape, size, texture or colour the 25th October is the day for carb lovers to gather and shout about their appreciation and chow down on their favourite pasta.

The very first World Pasta Day was on 25th October in 1995 and came about after over 40 pasta producers worldwide gathered to hold the first World Pasta Congress. Ever since then the tradition has been carried on and each year is celebrated by many people all around the globe.

In Italy, pasta is such a common ingredient it is part of the main meal structure of any meal time. Starts with Antipasto (antipasti for plural) which means before your meal. We have a wonderful range of products in our store that would be perfect for this part of your meal. (Click here to check it out.) Then you would have your Primo which would consist of a pasta dish. (Find our full range of pasta here.) Next is Secondo which would feature either Meat or Fish with some sort of side or salad and then you would finish with Dolce, the pudding and round off with a coffee or liqueur. This is the basic meal structure for any Italian meal and emphasizes how important pasta is to Italy’s culture.

Over the years the way of producing and eating pasta has changed and I am sure it will continue to keep evolving and this World Pasta Day will carry on it’s celebration as a result. There are over 600 pasta shapes produced worldwide, with the most popular being Penne, Fusilli, Spaghetti & Farfelle.

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