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If you are looking to enjoy authentic Italian products in your own home, whether ready to eat or to use when cooking your favourite dishes, then the stunning selections offered here, by Diforti, will surely stir the most vibrant of senses and tingle the most passionate of palates.

As a long-time family business, steeped in the passions and principles of the finest Mediterranean cuisine, we have discovered and collected this extensive range of authentic Italian products to share with you, just as true food-lovers do. We use them in our own cooking and can therefore confidently recommend them to you!

From flavoursome antipasto to chargrilled vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes to sweet peppers and capers, and over 20 olive choices, we know your taste-buds will already be in action.

Italians know their cheeses, whether it be Sicilian Pecorino or Grana Padano, Ricotta, Mascarpone and more – you’ll find wonderful flavours here.

Seafood and cured meats play a major part in this cuisine. For the former, from anchovies to octopus, tuna to squid, great choices are to be found. For the latter, it might be Coppa or Bresaola, Porchetta, Prosciutto or Pastrami, or any other of the tasty options we offer.

These are just the start of your choices. We know you’ll also want to add sweetness with pastries, honeys and jams. Expect your larder staples too, such as olive oils, pasta, beans, breadsticks and rice.

To wash down all this great food, take the time to check out our superb wines and spirits choices, and of course the richness of chocolate and unmatchable Italian coffees.

Apart from individual items, we also offer brilliant food boxes, cocktails kits and gifts, to treat yourself or others, and make sure you check out our monthly special offers.

Once you’ve made your selections from our 500+ choices – and we know it won’t be easy – it’s so simple to order and take advantage of our flexible delivery services.

But surely your first step is simply to enjoy browsing this online feast of great Italian products…



  • Nougat Lovers Gift Box

  • Semidried Cherry Tomato 1kg

  • Ercoli Spaghetti 500g




  • Ercoli Fusilli 500g

  • Ercoli Rigatoni 500g