Treat Your Mum with Italian Food Gifts

‘Mamma mia!’ is possibly the most famous Italian utterance, and, while ‘Oh Mamma!’ is more popularly used, it says something about us Italians that we choose ‘My mum!’ or ‘Oh mum!’ where Brits might say ‘My God!’. Ok, so every country loves its mothers, but Italian mothers have a special place in the hearts of their children – mammoni, or ‘Mummy’s boys’, are a cultural phenomenon.

So if you really want to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day, you could do worse than take a page from an Italian’s book – we know all about spoiling our mammas. Italy has a Mother’s Day too, La Festa della Mamma, which falls on 14th of May this year. As in England, we celebrate with gifts, phone calls and a visit home – but we go one step better than recycling a box of fragranced soap and buying a cuddly card. We know that gifts from your local Italian food shop make the best pampering treats for Mamma – and whatever your mum is like, we’ve got the perfect treat for her.

Read on for our guide to the best Italian food gifts, matched to different types of mums!

The Mumsie Mum

Perhaps the most famous type of mum, this mum is all soft hugs, delicate perfume and welcoming smiles – and she just loves to spoil her children every time they come back to visit. You’re probably used to calling your Mumsie Mum every time something goes wrong, and having splendid meals cooked for you every time you go home, so it’s definitely time to treat her for a change.

Our Traditional Sweet Bundle is as sweet as she is, and she’ll love these flaky little pastries. Aragostine with Hazelnut Chocolate Cream, Cannoncini with Pistachio Cream, Barchette with White Chocolate Cream and Sicilian Cannoli with Cappuccino give Mum plenty to smile about – and if you really want to spoil her, pair it with a bottle of Bottega Rose Gold for the ultimate indulgence.

The Cultured Mum

Your mum isn’t like everybody else’s mum – and that’s why she’s amazing. She’s been backpacking through the Andes, she spent six months living like a native with the Dinka tribe in South Sudan, and, even though she tends to restrict her travels to two foreign holidays a year now that she’s getting older, she does tend to wear slightly strange clothing which she picked up on her travels. This mum has discerning food tastes, and she’s only happy when food is authentic – so treat her to our Classic Antipasti Selection to indulge her yearning for culture! With plump Nocellara Del Belice Olives, Aged Pecorino with Truffle, Salame Milano and much more, she’ll be transported to an Italian palazzo – and that’s just what the cultured mum wants this Mother’s Day.

The Glam Mum

The Glam Mum is something really special. Despite her age, she can run further than you on a treadmill, and she dresses better than you, too – her hair is always perfect, her make up is always on point, and she’s bought the latest style drops before you’ve even noticed that they’ve come out. But the best thing about this mum is her warmth, and sense of heart – she always knows how to make you feel welcome.

And the Glam Mum is always welcoming guests – which is why our Aperol Spritz kit is her perfect gift. Stylish, sleek and well put-together, just like her, it’s got everything needed to create professional quality cocktails in your own home – perfect for this ultimate hostess! And if you really want to push the boat out, pair it with our Italian Cheese Selection – when you’re constantly throwing parties, cheese is always a treat, and this mum only samples the best.

Whatever type of mum you have, and whatever her interests are, make sure to show her how much you love her on Mother’s Day with a specially selected gift just for her. Our mothers have given us so much, and this Sunday is our chance to give back – so put some special thought into celebrating your mum, just like Italians do.


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