Why Italian Food is the Best for Lovers

Valentine’s Day may have just slipped past – but that doesn’t mean you can put romance to the back of your mind till next February! For most of us, love and relationships are important all year round – Valentine’s Day should serve as a reminder of just how important it is to keep the romance in our relationships alive.

During these colder months, it can be difficult to think up great date ideas – it’s far more tempting to stay in on the sofa than to head out on the town. But a night at home doesn’t need to mean a night slumped in front of box – by looking towards the balmy shores of Italy, you’ll find plenty of romantic inspiration for a passionate night in.

If there are two things Italians are famous for, it’s passion and creativity – two essential ingredients for romance. And at Diforti, our Italian food boxes are packed with both, making them perfect for an amorous night in. Music may be the food of love, but Italian cuisine is undoubtedly the food of romance – so here’s why it’s so suited to seduction.

 1) Italy is the Mother of Modern Romance

So many of our modern ideas of romance come from Italy. Valentine’s Day itself comes from the ancient Roman fertility festival, Lupercalia, and is named after a Roman priest, St. Valentine. And many of our modern marriage traditions have their roots in ancient Roman ceremonies, too – from the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ tradition, to the wearing of a wedding veil. So if you’re in the mood for love, there’s no better country to look to.

2) Italian Food is at the Heart of Our Romantic Culture

Famously, Shakespeare chose to set many of his romantic comedies in Italy, including The Taming of the Shrew – and let’s not forget about his most famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, which was set in Verona. Reading (or watching) any of these plays, tragedy or comedy, you’ll notice one thing is pivotal – the feasts. The culture of feasting is still strong in Italy, with hours being whiled away over many courses, and it plays a key role in how we court – some even say that Italians equate food with love. No wonder, then, that Italian cuisine is so stunning – and much of it is specifically designed with seduction in mind.

3) Italian Food is Sensual and Hands-On

Italian food is about exploring – the variety and sensuousness of antipasti is the perfect way to excite your lover. Try planning the perfect evening in by ordering a bottle (or two!) of our dry, crisp Bottega Gold prosecco, lighting some candles, and laying out a lush spread of different antipasti. Plump, juicy Italian olives, sweet, piquant sundried tomatoes, rounds of fresh, crusty bread, our Italian cheese platter and salty, succulent morsels of cured meat make for the perfect romantic picnic at home – and don’t forget the Italian olive oil for dipping. If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, finish off with a selection of traditional Italian sweets, and if not, a dry Aperol Spritz – this kind of elegant, exciting meal will keep you lingering over your courses and licking your fingers until the small hours.

Our Italian food boxes will ignite the passion in your romance all year round – no matter how cold it is outside, our seductive meals will make sure it’s as hot as a Sicilian summer on your date. So keep the fires of love burning by exciting all your lover’s senses with an explosive night in, Italian style – who said romance is just for Valentine’s Day?


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