Bresaola 80g


Diforti’s sliced Bresaola is a sweet and delicate cured beef.

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Originating from Valtellina, a valley in the Alpine region of Italy’s Lombardy, Bresaola is made from lean and tender beef, which is salted and air-dried for two to three month, resulting in its signature dark red colour. The perfect starting point for any authentic Italian food platter, Bresaola is delicious when joined by a selection of vegetable antipasti or olives. Drizzle lemon juice or olive oil over this cured beef and finish it off with shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano and rocket for a true Italian delicacy.

Dimensions 15 × 20 × 2.5 cm



Beef, Salt, Dextrose, Natural Flavourings, Spices, Antioxidant: Sodium Ascorbate, Preservatives: Sodium Nitrite, Potassium Nitrate

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy: 634kJ/151kcal, Fat 2g, of which saturates 0.7g, Carbohydrates 0.4g, of which sugars 0.4g, Protein 33g, Salt 4g

Dietary Information:

Gluten Free: YES, Vegan: NO, Vegetarian: NO, Organic: NO




Keep refrigerated




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