Creamy Red Pesto Potato Gnocchi

Red Pesto Potato Gnocchi topped with Parmesan & Basil


Gnocchi is a very versatile ingredient and can be used in almost any sort of dish for any season. Pair it with something creamy and buttery or tomato based and spicy, with meat or with vegetables and these wonderful potato dumplings will be sure to satisfy your appetite. Gnocchi comes in many varieties today including buckwheat & pumpkin and is a popular meal all over Italy. The most common type of gnocchi in Italy is potato gnocchi or the variety made with dough, water, flour & semolina, similar to pasta dough. Depending on where you are in Italy however, there are many ways to eat gnocchi. In Northwest Italy potato gnocchi are eaten with creamy cheesy sauce, in Northeast they are served with a Tomato sauce and in the South they often serve with a pesto sauce.

One of our very own Diforti brothers has created a creamy Red Pesto Potato Gnocchi topped with Parmesan & Fresh Basil that will bring bright colours to your table while pleasing your friends and family’s tummys! Give it a go and create something simple or add your own twist and make it your own!





6-8 MINS





STEP ONE: Fill a large pot with water and bring to the boil. Once boiling add a spoonful of salt and one large tablespoon of Olive Oil to the water and drop in the 2 packets of potato gnocchi (1kg). Leave to boil for 3 MINS.

STEP TWO: Put another pan onto heat and pour in the 2 pots of Red Pesto & Double Cream. Then add in the Fresh Basil, Pine Nuts/Kernels and a pinch of pepper. Now stir altogether until mixed through. (Add more or less of each ingredient as you prefer.)



STEP THREE: Once the gnocchi is done, gently spoon out the gnocchi from the water and add to the red pesto sauce. Continue to heat for a further 1 MIN after mixing altogether. (You can also grate some Parmesan in this step together with the sauce to add melted cheese within the dish.)

STEP FOUR: It’s time to plate up and call your friends and family to the table because your Red Pesto Gnocchi dish is nearly ready. Carefully spoon onto your plate and simply garnish with Parmesan, Pine Nuts/Kernels & Fresh Basil to complete.



Follow along and create your own version of this dish and be sure to tag us on Instagram @difortis to show us the end result before you devour it!



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